Pellet burner Wiper 500 kW

The main advantage of pellet is the fact of making a saving on fuel oil and gas of approximately 50 % !!

Pellet burners are installed in conventional furnaces or as replacement burners in oil and gas furnaces. These burners offer fully automated ignition and combustion process and do not require daily maintenance.
We install Wiper 500 kW burners in tenement buildings, hotels, factories, public buildings and warehouses. These burners can be installed in existing oil furnaces and some gas furnaces as well - this can reduce the cost of fuel by as much as 50% !!

Wiper 500 kW burner specification:

• The only burner on the market with a moving grate !!!
• Made from the finest materials available on the market
• Fully adjustable burner power (5-100%)
• Fully adjustable blower (5-100%)
• Automatic firing, operation, cleaning and quenching
• Combustion process is regulated by a PID II controller (the latest on the market)
• Furnace tube made of top quality steel
• Exceedingly high combustion efficiency (>90%)
• Automatically stored settings and restart in case of power failure
• Full temperature control
• Low power consumption
• Small amount of ash (0.5-1% depending on the quality of the pellet)
Type WIPER 500
Power rating 20-500 kW
Power supply 380 V AC/50Hz
Weight 320 kg
Power consumption 80-1840 W
Fuel type pellet 6-8 mm
Efficiency < 95%
Efficiency in the boiler 90%
Power adjustment yes
Central heating pump compatible yes
Domestic hot water pump compatible yes
Room thermostat compatible yes
Feeder length up to 5 m
Puma controller:

• Large, clear, TFT colour display
• PUMA PID controller is designed for use with a biomass central heating boiler
• It controls the operation of the blower in its full range from 5 to 100%
• It controls the activation of the central heating circulating pump,
    domestic hot water pump and the igniter
• In addition, the controller can work with any type of room thermostat
    fitted with a potential-free relay output
• Owing to a complex operating algorithm the PUMA PID controller can separately control
    the time zones it was fitted with for both the boiler and domestic hot water temperature
• In addition, the PUMA PID controller registers and stores the information about
    the entire course of boiler operation within a period of 1 month
• Fully adjustable burner power (5-100%)
• Simple operation and easy to read menu

W skład zestawu wchodzą:

• burner
• two pellet feeders
• burner operation, central heating and domestic hot water pump control
• fuel tank with a capacity of 1 t to 26 t (optional)