Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are more than pleased to introduce you to a pellet boiler with a self-cleaning burner, automatic fuel feed system, external fuel storage tank and automatic control system with a PID II function.

Owing to the application of pellet - a clean, light and environmentally friendly fuel, the e50 boiler offers the following features:

- Automatic fuel feeding from the storage tank
- Easy fuel loading
- Minimum amount of ash generated in the combustion process (approx. 1%)
- The ash is perfect as pure, natural fertilizer
- Boiler room cleanliness
- Long maintenance-free operation due to large fuel tank
- Boiler efficiency at a level of 89%

Owing to an automatic PUMA controller with a PID function and a number of other technical solutions the e50 boiler incorporates several features improving the overall comfort of use:

• Screen: 2.8" TFT colour display, 400x200 pixels, 65 thousand colours
Flexible Burning System - (FBS) - correct combustion of fuel with calorific value within a range of +/- 15%
    from the preset level
Automatic Dose Control - (ADC) - automatically changes the feeding setting, depending on the energy
    value of the fuel, within a range of +/- 25% from the preset level
Temperature control - PID II algorithm - the ideal temperature stabilization, continuous blower operation
    (no downtime) even for a small heat reception, up to 2% of the boiler power

Why pellet?

PELLET is a renewable green fuel that comes entirely from natural materials - high-pressure compressed
sawdust and wood waste, without any chemicals or artificial binding agents.
The finished pellets take the form of a granulated product with a diameter of 6-10 mm
and a length of 20-50 mm. What makes pellet such a popular fuel:

• low moisture (8-12%) and ash (0.5-1.5%) content, 1 ton of burned pellet generates
    a mere 10-20 kg of ash which can also be used as natural fertilizer
• a zero CO2 balance and low emission of environmentally harmful substances
• easy transport and storage, high "purity" of the fuel, pellet is usually offered in 15 or 25 kg bags,
    it does not require storage in special purpose areas


The automatically fired e50 boiler may serve as a source of heat for single-family houses and commercial buildings with areas of up to 650 m2. It is designed to heat the heating medium in central heating systems through the combustion of pellet with a diameter of 6-8 mm and a length of 20-50 mm. Fuel storage tank allows for long periods of operation in-between fuel loading.

Pellet boilers constitute environmentally friendly equipment offering a more appealing source of heat than gas and a cheaper one than fuel oil or electricity. These solutions are particularly attractive in case of development investments / housing estates where there is a possibility of joint fuel (pellets) supply and thus of further reduction of the operating costs.

Boiler design and operation

The e50 biomass (pellet) boiler set consists of: boiler, microprocessor controller, burner, fuel feeder and fuel tank.
The e50 boiler is fitted with heat exchangers designed to provide maximum heat removal during the combustion process. Both the heat exchangers and the boiler body are made of certified steel. Minimized number of welds ensures longer service life of the boiler due to lower "exposure" to direct contact with fire and slighter strain.

The fuel tank can be fitted on either the right or the left side of the boiler. The Puma PID microprocessor controller is an important component of the e50 boiler. It controls the air supply, ensures optimum combustion conditions and maintains the preset temperature values for the central heating system.
The premium version of the e50 boiler is additionally fitted with an automatic ash removal unit.

PUMA controller

This controller regulates the operation of the blower in its full range from 1 to 100%, the activation of the central heating circulating pump, domestic hot water pump, fuel feeder and the igniter. It can also work with any type of room thermostat fitted with a potential-free relay output. Owing to a complex operating algorithm the PUMA PID controller can separately control the time zones it was fitted with for both the boiler and domestic hot water temperatures.


The PUMA PID controller comes with domestic hot water function where the user adjusts only the temperature on the storage tank. Both the pump rundown and the difference between the temperature on the storage tank and the boiler are adjusted automatically by the controller. Furthermore, the user can set a higher temperature on the domestic hot water storage tank than on the boiler and the controller will regulate the pumps so as to deliver the right amount of heat to the domestic hot water storage tank and the central heating systems without causing any overheating.
The user of the PUMA PID controller can independently modify the software. After connecting the controller to a PC via USB connection, the computer will recognize the controller as a data storage device (pendrive) with two directories: ARCHIVE and UPGRADE. In order to upload a new program it has to be first downloaded from the Internet and then copied to the UPGRADE directory using, e.g. Windows Explorer. Additionally, the PUMA PID controller registers and stores the information about the entire course of boiler operation within a period of 1 month. Boiler service personnel may view the recorded boiler operation data and using an appropriate simulation program watch the operating cycle on a computer screen.

Technical specification of the e50 boiler

Power range:
Power consumption:
Fuel type:
Power supply:
Heated area:
Water capacity of the boiler:
Chimney flue diameter:
Air / power supply connection diameter:
Max. water temperature:
Min. water temperature:
Max. working pressure:
4-65 kW
75 W
470 kg
pelet 6-8 mm
230 V AC/50HZ
do 650m2
D 1 ½”
85 C
45 C
1,5 bar
1660 mm
600 mm
1370 mm