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The exclusive distributor of pellet burners and boilers
manufactured by our company is Kordas Heating Systems Sp. z o o (Ltd)
Sales depatment: +48.52 345 44 55;
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We manufacture, sell and install: pellet burners and boilers as well as modern solid fuel Sztoker boilers with PID controllers. Our experience gained over the years enables us to meet the demands of the market and that is why we are constantly expanding our offer with the best and the latest products available.

The products we offer may also be used in existing oil and gas systems, producing considerable savings of over 50%.

We would like to thank all our customers for their long-term trust and loyalty - we have been your supplier for 9 years already. New customers are encouraged to browse through our wide assortment of products and benefit from our expertise in economizing on heating with the use of our equipment.